Enable design
teams to build better buildings

Monograph works with architects, engineers, and landscape architects to build a better design practice through data-driven tools.

In 2018, we wanted to solve a problem...

Could architects
build better practice?

   +  One that is less cumbersome and tedius
   +  So we could finally work less and design more
   +  And get back to doing what we love without burning out

Monograph Founders—Alex Dixon, Robert Yuen, Moe Amaya

We started
building a tool
for architects

A side project of building Monograph as a modern project management software turned into a full team of architects, designers, and technologists.

Now firms are rethinking
the way they run their practice

“From both the design and finance
 perspective, whether it be timesheets or
 billing, Monograph really helps us
 streamline our firm’s processes.”

“I would spend my time combining
 individual excel timesheets into one. What
 a waste of time! Monograph does all this
 so quickly and clearly!”

“It’s been a real plus to manage projects
 with Monograph. It has been especially
 useful to manage the budgeting and track
 progress against benchmarks.”

That’s what we envision...

The Future of Practice Operations

A world where architects and design teams can run their practice operations as easily as they draw on a napkin sketch.

Because the only way to create better buildings and cities is to let you get back to doing what you do best—design—not finance, management, or spreadsheets.


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Our team

We come from architecture, design, construction and software backgrounds. We know the struggle, so we’re here to make it better.

WE put people first

We believe in people first, curiosity, and empathy. We love the magic of driving genuine relationships and building communities—with both our Monographers and our customers.

4-Day Work Week

Our team uses the weekday off to spend time with family, take classes, volunteer, get groceries, start a side project. What would you do with an extra day off?

Fully Remote Work

We work hard to keep our remote work culture alive. From Show & Tell, 1 on 1 to team events, you won’t feel lonely on your kitchen table.

Paid Time Off

In addition to 52 days off in the year for our 4-day work week, we offer 2 weeks additional for vacation, plus sick time.


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