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TLDR: Familiar with the AEC industry? 
Get paid to write articles about topics in marketing, business development, accounting, legal, and anything else related to Practice Operations.

We're constantly developing our blog as a valuable community resource on all things related to machine learning and deep learning. We're always looking for driven people who want to make an impact in this space.

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Make an impact, grow your personal brand, and get paid while doing it. 💵
Our articles reach thousands of viewers each month
who want to learn more about topics in practice management and operations.
We're looking for pieces which are educational, insightful, and help people learn more
about innovative strategies and techniques applicable to architecture practice.

What should i write about?

We're always looking for articles and tutorials on topics like:

✓  Content Marketing
✓ Local SEO
✓ Growth strategies
✓ Account Based Targeting
✓ Demand Generation
✓ Contract Law
✓ Bookkeeping Workflows / Tools
✓ Automation
✓ People Management
✓ Recruitment / Training
✓ How-tos
✓ Winning Competitions
✓ Networking strategies
✓ Immersive Design Workflows (VR / AR)

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