Growth Product Manager

We're looking for a Growth Product Manager to join our team and optimize revenue growth through experimentation and data-driven decision-making.

You'll craft the earlier stages of the customer journey by collaborating with a team of designers, engineers, sales and marketing legends.

Oh, and did we mention you'll be doing this during our four-day workweek?

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What is Monograph?

Monograph is modernizing design professionals’ back office with a beautiful, data-driven platform to help them manage, plan and grow their companies. Our mission is to let architects get back to doing what they love and do best—design—not finance, management or Excel.

Why work at Monograph?

  • People first: You are an (awesome) human before an employee—we believe in people first and empathy. You'll be our ambassador and deploy your genuine value for relationships to drive success and happiness.
  • Create a tool that will redefine architecture: Project management is just the beginning. We are starting to help facilitate the entire design process from becoming the document source of truth to coordinating with consultants. You can shape the future of building design.
  • Work with some of the best product people in the world: From working with companies like IrisVR, WeWork, and Figma, we're a team of highly productive individual contributors with a strong design background. You will be doing some of the best work of your life.

About the role

As our Growth PM, you’ll own the strategy, roadmap, and execution of initiatives focused on growing revenue by increasing the efficiency of our customer acquisition funnel from signup through conversion.

You'll meet periodically with teammates from sales, marketing, customer success and product to identify initiatives that have the highest hypothetical impact. Then you'll work with product designers and a dedicated engineering team to define and implement experiments. Finally, you'll drive strong decision-marketing through AB testing, quantitative results, qualitative research and customer insights.

You'll report to the Head of Product.

What you'll do

  • Identify the largest opportunities and points of friction in acquisition, activation and conversion through (mostly quantitative) research and collaboration with sales, marketing and customer success. This will form the basis for your growth roadmap.
  • Develop hypotheses that remove or reduce those barriers and design experiments that test those hypotheses.
  • Build consensus and collaborate with a team of engineers and designers to ship high-quality experiences.
  • Draw and present conclusions and recommendations through data-driven analysis of test results.
  • Collaborate with marketing and the rest of the product team to identify customer segments that covert and retain well, then work with marketing and sales to focus awareness, lead generation and conversion for that segment.
  • Discover the true drivers (behavioral and demographic) of conversion and retention.
  • Collaborate with sales to develop an efficient, frictionless customer hand-off experience for the segment of customers that belong in our sales-served customer journey.

You have

  • 4+ years of growth product management experience in B2B SaaS products.
  • Strong user experience sensibilities and familiarity with UI best practices.
  • Extended experience in analytics, user research, and data-driven business cases to drive decisions and improve products.
  • Ability to operate under tight deadlines while maintaining multiple projects.

You are

  • A fan of moving fast (many small bets over fewer big ones)
  • Scientific and data-driven
  • Scrappy, creative, and innovative like MacGyver
  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Diplomatic

You know

  • Analytics and data visualization tools like Amplitude, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, and even some SQL.
  • Figma
  • A-B and multi-variate testing technology like Google Optimize, Optimizely
  • Comm tools like Intercom
  • And other typical collaboration platforms like Notion, Airtable, Etc.

Its great, but not required, if you also

  • Have software development experience like Next.js, Rails, and React
  • Know Webflow
  • Know SQL

What benefits can you expect?

  • 🚀 4-day work week (32hrs)
  • 🌡 Health & dental insurance
  • 🖥 New laptop/equipment of your choice
  • 🎭 Innovative engineering and product culture
  • 💰 Early-stage well-funded company
  • ❤️ Inclusion and diversity as a company priority


Is this role only full-time? Can I work remotely?
This role is full-time and a fully remote position based in the United States.

What is the company culture like?
Our amazing friend Lynne interviewed us about our company culture—read about it on her website Key Values.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?
With two minority founders and a new parent founder, we're focused on having a welcoming environment for all backgrounds and experiences. We actively source candidates from non-traditional backgrounds knowing that diversity in thought and education ultimately results in a better company. We also have solid work-life balance (32hrs/week), knowing that there's a lot more in your life than just your job.

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