Add a layer of comfort to your client base

Watch the 4min case study with HDG, an award-winning architecture and design firm with 13 employees and 50-60 active projects.

When can you have things done? How long are things going to take?

Give your clients the assurance that you are going to be managing their projects correctly, so they know that everything's handled, from having fun to making it happen.

Rather than spending all of your time figuring out staffing, billing, invoicing, you name it… you can spend more time with the drawings to make sure that you're putting out the best projects possible.

Monograph allows you to see the data. It helps you understand where you're at with each project, and how much time is left, so you know where you need to put priority, so that you can execute on the deliverables.

When you're scheduling out your work, you're able to see how busy your schedules are, so you can understand what projects you can start to take on, and spread out your work evenly, so that each person in your practice isn't overwhelmed.

Because it was actually created by architects, it makes sense to an architect. Get what you need as an architecture firm.