Take Your Projects from Planned to Paid: Monograph Payments
Plan all your architecture projects and get paid all in one system. Take a look at the new updates we're introducing for online payments for architects.
3 Types of Architecture Invoice Structure
In this article, we’ll show you the 3 best architecture invoice structures to avoid late payment and disagreement with your clients.
The Future of Practice Operations
At Monograph, we believe that the next level of design lies in Practice Operations. Here is a look into what we envision the future of practice of operations look like.
2021 Best Practice Report: Architecture Statistics and Trends
Our annual Best Practice Report dives into architecture statistics and trends to offer valuable insights and tips on tackling both present and future challenges.
Top 26 Best Architecture Software: From Design to Operations
Wondering which architecture software you should invest in? This article includes the best architecture software for firms to manage their clients, run a profitable business, and deliver great design solutions.
The State of Burnout in Architecture (2021)
Architecture Industry report that analyzes the State of Burnout. Here’s why architects are experiencing burnout in 2021.
Monograph Raises $20 Million to Build the Future of Practice Operations
Today, we're announcing new partners, and our $20 Million Series B.
Architects vs Software Architects: Who Wins?
In this article, we take a deep dive into the decade-long controversial debate on Building Architects vs Software Architects.
11 Best Cities for Architecture Careers in 2021
Looking for the best city for an Architecture career? This guide will show you which cities are best for pursuing your career as an architect.
Announcing our Series A, new partners, and new domain!
Today, we're announcing a new domain, new partners, and our $7.4 Million Series A.
2020 Architecture Industry Statistics and Trends
The architecture industry is evolving, albeit faster in some areas than others. Our annual analysis on the state of the industry includes tips on how to face challenges strategically and areas of opportunity for next year.
Guide to Starting Your Own Architecture Firm
In order to start your own architecture firm, you will need to incorporate your business. This guide walks you through the various legal structures used by entrepreneurial architects and their tradeoffs including liability, taxation, and organization.
Guide to Project Delivery Methods
A breakdown of the most common ways to deliver projects successfully.
Guide to Architectural Services
Beyond the basics, architects provide many types of services to support building projects.
Guide to Change Orders for Architects
Changes during architectural projects are often inevitable. Efficiently manage those changes by becoming a master at change orders.
Guide to Architectural Design Phases
This is a guide to architectural design phases. Learn how to run your project smoothly with these 6 simple steps.

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