Move your firm to daily timesheets, easily.

Understand what has happened on a project. Remove the uncertainty and excessive discussion about how accurate the numbers are.

When architecture firms start using Monograph, one of the most impactful outcomes is getting access to real-time data.

Keeping data up-to-date as an architect is easy when the tools you use are built by architects.

Get serious about your team entering their time daily.

It’s the only way to track your progress accurately.

Your practice depends on time and cost information to be very current.

So, you need a tool that helps your team do real-time time entry.

It should be effortless for your team to input their time daily, throughout the day.

Simple, up-to-date incurred time goes a long way to understand what has happened on a project.

Especially, when the data for all your projects, and all your staff, is up-to-date. Every day.

Ready to see it in action? Speak with our Monograph Experts so you can get Monograph set up for your office the right way.