Project planner

Centralize A/E project plans with one tool

Save time on every invoice with a seamless workflow. Reduce the risk of client disputes with clear and robust project invoices.

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Project planner

“I would spend my time combining individual excel time sheets into one to keep track of hours per project. What a waste of time! Monograph does all of this so quickly and clearly!”

Project planner

No more spreadsheets

Tired of each leader managing their own set of spreadsheets? Wrangling through your templates to build a great project plan? Ready to schedule projects 5x faster while bringing transparency to your team?

Monograph’s Project Planner is an all-in-one solution. Plan and organize your project’s schedule, budget, and resources in one place without opening a single spreadsheet.


Calculate your budget and schedule

As you build out your projects, Monograph’s budget calculator makes it easy to create balanced and profitable plans. Quickly accommodate fixed fee, hourly fee, and hybrid fee phases and projects.


Plan with your best resource - your staff

Allocate roles and team members to specific phases in your projects, giving you a complete picture of your operations.


Maintain maximum flexibility

Monograph provides you with the tools to build a project plan that works for you and your client. Budget consultants by phase, adjust as the project progresses, and capture additional services in just a few clicks.

Improve your firm

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Simple and user-friendly design

“Monograph is so beautifully designed that my team of architects enjoy looking at an analyzing data now. We love how past, current, and future fee and staffing projections are married together to give us a clear picture of our firm's profitability and staff and project needs.”

Leah Bayer
President, FORA Architects

World-class customer support

“One of the reasons we’ve stayed with Monograph is that their communication is unmatched. They’re always open to walking us through things, or hearing our feedback on how we’d like to see the software evolve.”

Marie Eddy
Finance Director, Traverse Landscape Architecture

Dave Buescher

“Because it was actually made by architects, it makes sense to an architect when you work through it. It’s not like other programs where it’s set up to be more about the accounting or the project management—it’s the whole package.”

Dave Buescher

Need to see it to believe it?

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