Monograph customer reviews

What can you do with Monograph? A lot. But don’t just take our word for it. Read real reviews from Monograph customers.

Washington, D.C.

“I have downloaded every major software and tried at least 30-40 different platforms. None of them compare to the ease-of-use, simplicity, graphic style, and overall effectiveness of Monograph.”

“Integration into our workflow has been simple. Tracking time and expenses for projects is simpler and faster than other methods. It's easy to use. The features are intuitive so employees don't have to feel like it's a hassle to keep up with office administration which is our least favorite part of the job.”
Elizabeth C.
“Harvest is for time tracking and invoicing but it lacked the ability to plan and manage resources. I like the way [Monograph] is built for our industry, the [team] understands our unique way of managing operations and business. It saves a lot of hours and I really look forward to those free hours on getting more projects.”
Juan L.
Director of Operations
“We've been using Deltek for many years - but never fully realized the PM or tracking potential. The interface was just too complicated for the PM's to actively use. Monograph is completely different. It's user interface is so easy to use that we feel that it's actually going to be used to everyone's advantage.”
David W.

“Now I get to spend more time with quality control because I'm not spending days trying to figure out staffing, projections and schedules. I'm able to sit down with clients or with our drawing sets to make sure that we're putting out the best product possible.”

“I would say that time management is probably the most powerful example of how Monograph changed our firm. We’re much more transparent now across all levels. Everyone can see and access data that goes into Monograph, and everyone is able to be more proactive with their time because we’ve already had that Monday morning kick-off call.”
Andrew Wolking
Associate, PLY+
“The real-time feedback that we get from Monograph is incredibly important for us. At this point we've been utilizing Monograph now for a couple years and it's totally transformed, I think, not only the information that we receive but the timeliness of that information, the engagement we have across the studio.”
Don Semple
Partner, KSP
Thomas J. Zoli, AIA
Director of Architecture

"Monograph has the secret sauce to fix a huge problem - people not being able to understand and manage their data, whether it's dollars, time units, or staff - you name it.”

“The main benefit is more accurate tracking and having a clear visual of where a fee is by phase of the project. This helps us make sure that as clients' wants and needs change, we’re not exceeding what we initially estimated, which we can then communicate more clearly.”
Leah Schaffer
Project Architect, Mobile Studio Design
“The biggest things for us were flexibility and ease of use. Monograph provides a highly visual, easy-to-use experience.”
Craig Borum
Principal, PLY+
“We use Monograph to make important decisions on how to manage our projects and our staff, which is making us more efficient, more profitable and in turn hire more people.”
Pierre Proulx
Team Lead, Rossman Architecture Inc.

“Monograph is indispensable. It’s like an iPhone. Just easy to use. We can take a step back and think about the things we ultimately need to be concerned with.”

“Our consultants agreed that [Monograph] has a much easier interface. We can keep more accurate time, we can more easily see projections for billings, and we can easily balance work load.”
Jennifer O.
“Monograph is truly beautiful to work with in so many aspects. [Our Product Specialist] was a huge help for me in understanding different components and capabilities that Monograph can offer our firm. I can't wait to dive deeper into this software; it is going to save our company so much time and headache! Thanks Monograph team for everything - keep doing things this way!”
Morgan B.
Business Manager
Rena M. Klein
Partner, Charrette Venture Group

"We suggest using a product like Monograph as a project management tool that can really help you understand where your hours are going and how the performance of your firm is tracking."

“This is a huge upgrade from Harvest and Deltek. It makes planning easier and tracking more streamlined. The interface is very clear. It is difficult to get lost in it. Some time trackers (Harvest) require information that makes it easy to get lost.”
Kristina H.
Senior Interior Designer
“Very intuitive and easy to use. Great, simple graphics and colors. Satisfying. Great overview of project timeline and hours worked per week per project. No website/app errors or glitches that I have experienced.”
Maraike C.
“While Harvest let us customize invoices, the time tracking functionality was incredibly cumbersome, and the added reporting and management features through Monograph were a huge boon. [Monograph’s] output is a big improvement from how we were previously tracking projects, and the user interface is a joy to work within.”
Adam G.