Online invoicing

Send online invoices that A/E clients are happy to pay

Save time on every invoice with a seamless workflow. Reduce the risk of client disputes with clear and robust project invoices.

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“As a Principal who is extremely busy, it’s nice that it doesn’t take 2 days to do invoicing. It only takes a couple of hours with Monograph.”

Online invoicing

Build your billings with confidence

Monograph gives you and your team real-time visibility into project progress and billing history.

Control how much you invoice while tracking how much your team actually worked.

Faster payments

Easy-to-pay invoices, happy clients

Improve client experience with clear invoices that are easy to pay online. Get paid 20% faster and reduce late payments.

Justified fees

Show the value of your time and work

Address client questions with transparent time logs. Add detailed records of time and activities across roles and phases to your invoices with a single click.

Simple integrations

Keep your finances on track

Easily communicate with your accounting system using our Quickbooks Online integration. Stay on top of bookkeeping by exporting invoices as a PDF or CSV.

Improve your firm

Switch to Monograph

Simple and user-friendly design

“Monograph is so beautifully designed that my team of architects enjoy looking at and analyzing data now. We love how past, current, and future fee and staffing projections are married together to give us a clear picture of our firm's profitability and staff and project needs.”

Leah Bayer
President, FORA Architects

World-class customer support

“One of the reasons we’ve stayed with Monograph is that their communication is unmatched. They’re always open to walking us through things, or hearing our feedback on how we’d like to see the software evolve.”

Marie Eddy
Finance Director, Traverse Landscape Architecture

Dave Buescher

“Because it was actually made by architects, it makes sense to an architect when you work through it. It’s not like other programs where it’s set up to be more about the accounting or the project management—it’s the whole package.”

Dave Buescher

Need to see it to believe it?

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