For operations leaders

Easily forecast and streamline firm performance

Stop working with messy and unreliable data. Use clear and accurate reports to make smarter decisions.

Before Monograph
Struggling to help your team make informed, data-driven decisions.
Combing through endless spreadsheets only to discover problems and deficiencies too late.
Feeling overwhelmed by untracked and/or inaccessible performance data.
After Monograph
Improve the quality of work using real-time data to make smarter decisions.
Increase utilization rates, realization rates, and revenue with fewer non-billable hours.
Drive higher project performance by identifying ideal clients and markets.
Focus on what matters most

Take control of your time

“Now I get to spend more time with quality control because I'm not spending days trying to figure out staffing, projections and schedules. I'm able to sit down with clients or with our drawing sets to make sure that we're putting out the best product possible.”

Need to see it to believe it?

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