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Whether you want a template for a timesheet, staffing, or invoicing for your architecture firms, these free templates help improve your practice operations.
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Gantt Chart Architecture Template
Save time and plan your project schedule with this Gantt chart architecture template (available as Google Sheets and Excel). You can use this free template to come up with an efficient schedule for your architecture project phase by phase.
Architecture Project Staffing Plan Template
Put the right team together for the right project with this architecture project staffing plan template (available as Excel, and Google Sheets). This spreadsheet will help you manage your resource plan across your firm.
Free Architect Timesheet Template
Track your time at work with this free Architect Timesheet template (available as Excel, and Google Sheets). Simply add your hours and print your timesheet. This spreadsheet will help you streamline your time tracking efforts across your firm.
Architect Invoice Template
Send invoices and get paid quickly with this architect invoice template (available as Google Sheets and Excel). You can use this free template to detail how much you should bill your client based on the percentage completed in phases or hourly rate.

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