For project managers

Meet project deadlines and budget targets without burnout

Feeling overwhelmed? Lead your team with the confidence of where you are on every project, at any time.

Before Monograph
Struggling to communicate project progress with firm leadership.
Combing through endless spreadsheets to manage staff, time, and budgets.
Tirelessly chasing tasks and deadlines with limited visibility.
After Monograph
Leverage real-time data to make smarter decisions on every project.
Control budget pace and progress with seamless time and fee data.
Confidently communicate project progress with firm leadership using clear reports.
For project managers

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What can you expect? 

Firms that use Monograph have experienced incredible impacts. 80% reduction in time spent staffing? Check. Less time in meetings? Check. Tripled revenue in 9 months? Yep. Read more about these impacts here.

What do customers say?

We see how Monograph drives firms forward every day. But don't just take our word for it! Our customers are the real heroes. Read what they have to say about Monograph here.

How can you learn more?

We're here when you're ready to see how Monograph can help you and your firm. Ready to say goodbye to missed deadlines and dispersed data management? Click here to meet with us today!

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