Monograph vs. BQE Core

Monograph: An easy and seamless alternative to BQE Core

Increase employee engagement, simplify workflows, and get fast and friendly support by switching to Monograph.

From BQE Core to Monograph

What former BQE Core users say about Monograph

“Our consultants agreed that [Monograph] has a much easier interface. We can keep more accurate time, we can more easily see projections for billings, and we can easily balance work load.”

Kristina H.


“Monograph is truly beautiful to work with in so many aspects. [Our Product Specialist] was a huge help for me in understanding different components and capabilities that Monograph can offer our firm. I can't wait to dive deeper into this software; it is going to save our company so much time and headache! Thanks Monograph team for everything - keep doing things this way!”

Morgan B.

Business Manager

“We tried Core...but it was just impossible, too complicated and not developed for our needs. I like the way [Monograph] is built for our industry, the [team] understands our unique way of managing operations and business. It saves a lot of hours and I really look forward to those free hours on getting more projects.”

Juan L.

Director of Operations

Product comparison

Why firms are switching from
BQE Core to Monograph

Easy to track and manage project budgets

Monograph keeps the most important real-time project data front and center so you’re never in the dark. Compare planned and actual metrics with fewer click to quickly identify risks.

Simplified staffing and reporting workflows

Monograph doesn’t require users to “generate” reports with an exhaustive workflow. Instead, we have powerful reports that are instantly available with a single click.

Industry-leading onboarding and support

No onboarding or training fees. Monograph’s fast, friendly, and free support team is loaded with industry and product knowledge.

What's right for me?

Monograph vs. BQE Core

Monograph and BQE Core are two popular performance management platforms for architects and engineers.

What do we know about BQE Core?

BQE Core provides tools for firms to manage projects, invoices, and accounting. Its reporting features are robust and offer a lot of customization options.

However, BQE Core customers say its user interface for requiring many clicks and steps. In particular, processes for building reports, managing vendor bills, and generating invoices are described as overly complicated.  Also, one-on-one training beyond their onboarding process can cost thousands of dollars. As a result, BQE Core customers may struggle with low engagement rates and dispersed data.

Why choose Monograph?

Monograph is an all-in-one platform built exclusively for architecture and engineering workflows. This means that A/E firms can quickly track time, manage budgets, and staff their team in a seamless way that aligns with firm operations. Our robust reports are built to be used and understood by architects and engineers, which makes it easy to track and forecast firm performance. Plus, Monograph consistently pushes out new and valuable features and updates based on customer feedback.  With Monograph you can:

  • Eliminate uncertainties with easy and precise budgets
  • Avoid setbacks and boost project performance and profit
  • Drive productivity across your team to reach your goals faster
  • Reduce revenue leakage and strengthen client relationships

The list goes on! Monograph is a modern choice for A/E firms seeking high-performance at an affordable cost.

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