Monograph vs. Deltek Ajera

Monograph: A modern and affordable alternative to Deltek Ajera

Simplify project management, increase timesheet submissions, and forecast staffing needs on a platform your team will actually use.

From Deltek Ajera to Monograph

What former Deltek users say about Monograph

“Integration into our workflow has been simple. Tracking time and expenses for projects is simpler and faster than other methods. It's easy to use. The features are intuitive so employees don't have to feel like it's a hassle to keep up with office administration which is our least favorite part of the job.”

Elizabeth C.


“Very intuitive and easy to use. Great, simple graphics and colors. Satisfying. Great overview of project timeline and hours worked per week per project. No website/app errors or glitches that I have experienced.”

Maraike C.


“We've been using Deltek for many years - but never fully realized the PM or tracking potential. The interface was just too complicated for the PM's to actively use. Monograph is completely different. It's user interface is so easy to use that we feel that it's actually going to be used to everyone's advantage.”

David W.


Product comparison

Why firms are switching from
Deltek Ajera to Monograph

Designed exclusively for architects and engineers

Monograph has a design-centric interface so that anyone (not just accountants and CFOs) can build, track, and forecast with ease. That’s the benefit of a tool built by architects and engineers.

Easy to track and manage project budgets

Employees love filling timesheets. Project managers love tracking budgets. And principals love seeing performance. A platform your team will actually use? Yes! Please!

Robust forecasting and real-time reports

No hidden onboarding or training fees. Monograph’s fast, friendly, and free support team is loaded with industry and product knowledge.

What's right for me?

Monograph vs. Deltek Ajera

Monograph and Deltek Ajera are two powerful performance management platforms for architects and engineers.

What do we know about Deltek Ajera?

Deltek Ajera provides tools for firms to do everything from tracking time to building invoices and managing finances. It is customizable, robust, and powerful enough to handle most workflows.

However, Deltek Ajera customers regularly say its outdated interface is slow, clunky, and difficult to use. Many also say that support can be slow and training costs for firms can cost thousands of dollars on top of subscription fees. As a result, Deltek Ajera users may end up paying a large fee for a tool with low engagement rates.

Why choose Monograph?

Monograph is easy to use with no hidden onboarding or training costs. As a result, we have high engagement rates. Our robust reports are built to be used and understood by architects and engineers (not just Accountants and CFOs). Plus, Monograph consistently builds new and valuable features and updates based on customer feedback from A/E firms.

Monograph is a modern choice for firms that seek high-performance at an affordable cost.

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