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Monograph is a team made up of architects, landscape architects, designers, and technologists focused on building tools for the AEC.

Our Story

In 2018, Robert , Alex, and Moe were working together as an agency called Dixon & Moe, building tools and websites for startups and architecture firms.

While working with architecture firms, they noticed a recurring challenge—architects and project managers kept complaining about their existing and non-existent project management software. Even more prevalent, there was a disconnect between how projects were managed, budgets were forecast, and time was tracked. Often they would hear that existing solutions are “cumbersome” or “tedious”. Why wasn’t there a solution that could help architects manage their firms more effectively, with more transparency?

Architects are good at handling complexity. Dedicated to bringing great ideas to the world and willing to use every possible drawing and documentation tool and jump through all kinds of hoops to get their work done. Unfortunately, too much of the architect’s toolset is focused on the design and documentation of drawings instead of supporting connected workflows that improve coordination, collaboration, productivity and ultimately the business of architecture.

Architects need more support for the half of their job that isn’t drawing details, choosing materials, submitting permits, or walking through job sites. The majority of an architect’s job is in organizing the full project team (often including numerous sub-consultants), ensuring work is on-budget, updating clients and stakeholders, documenting decisions, interpreting feedback, and delivering the finished building . When you look at it this way, it becomes clear, we need help managing the complexity of project delivery and the firm’s back-office.

So began Monograph. Our evolving answer to how we believe modern project teams will work on the built environment. A collaborative, transparent, and effective way to manage firms. We welcome you to be part of our growing community and help shape this journey.

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Alternative Careers in Architecture, Planning and Design


June 4, 2020

Entrepreneurship & Innovation in AEC 2030: Building Something Different


June 23, 2020
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