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How to manage risk for an A/E firm

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This free email course is designed for A/E leaders seeking instant, actionable strategies to manage risk effectively in an uncertain economic climate.

We'll dissect the crucial aspects of risk management, covering client, money, time, and staff risks, equipping you with the knowledge to evaluate your firm's current situation and pinpoint opportunities for growth and improvement.
George Valdes, Assoc. AIA
George has worked with A/E firms for 15+ years and has taught and run workshops on business modeling and practice operations at Columbia University, Florida International University, and AIA Florida.

6 lessons in 6 emails

Lesson 1
An intro to Risk Management
Why managing risk is critical
Lesson 2
How to manage client risk
How uncertainty is driving client expectations
Lesson 3
How to manage money risk
How to manage the risk of inflation
Lesson 4
How to manage time risk
How to accomplish more with fewer resources
Lesson 5
How to manage staff risk
Strategies to prevent talent shortages
Lesson 6
Tools and technology to manage risk
The workflows that improve your business

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