Plan Your Week with Agility

RESOURCE is your new Monday morning dashboard designed to help you manage your most valuable resources: your team and your time.

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Make Room for Your Team

Get ahead of the week by allocating your team’s time as your projects need it. Move time around in RESOURCE and you’ll never have to try to fit everyone in that conference room back at the office.

Plan your Team's Week in a Click


All your data is connected. With RESOURCE your weekly schedule is based on the previous week’s timesheets or an even distribution of remaining time as outlined in your original project plan.

Make Informed Decisions


With RESOURCE, budget impact is presented to you in real-time so you can anticipate the future. See how many hours you’ve consumed, and how many remain on each project, so you can decide what to spend on it this week.

See Your Week Differently


Toggle between a column-based layout that focuses on your individual team members and their allocated hours on projects or switch to a row-based layout that emphasizes projects and their assigned team members.
"I have downloaded every major software and tried at least 30-40 different platforms. None of them compare to the ease of use, simplicity, graphic style, and overall effectiveness of Monograph."
Washington D.C.
“Monograph has helped immensely in tracking time and project progress for our team. It's just the right amount of information and is easy to utilize and visualize.”
Knighton Architecture
Provo, Utah

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