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Join us on our mission to design a better world by empowering the professionals who create our buildings and cities.


Our Core

people first

We believe people come first. We believe in empathy, trust, gratitude, and humility. We strive to drive genuine relationships and diverse and inclusive communities—with both our Monographers and our customers.

Do the hard thing

We believe in embracing what is hard. We take smart risks, we move quickly, we push through boundaries, and we find solutions.  


We believe we are all owners and collaborators of Monograph's vision. We hold ourselves accountable, we take initiative, we champion our work, and we own our mistakes.

Intentional curiosity

We believe in experimenting and freeing ideas from boundaries, while also being thoughtful and deliberate. We are forever learning.

Seriously fun

We believe when you enjoy what you do, you can accomplish your best work.  We know that joyous energy compounds and is infectious for our customers, our product, and us.


We believe experiences should be magical. We build trust, clarify communication, and strengthen support through a design-centric approach.

life at monograph

Monograph team graffiti

annual retreat

We meet up annually as a company to connect and retreat at different locations. You might sometimes go on team-specific offsites too.

Monograph show and tell

show & tell

We gather together every Friday to share what we’re working on and show off our side projects, hobbies, surprises or just fun travel photos.

Monograph team weekly standup

weekly standup

Robert kicks off our week with a quick exercise where we all take a deep breath and become present. Then we meet in small groups to connect over our favorite movies, food, architecture styles etc.

Monograph 4 day workweek

4-day workweek

Our team uses the workday off to spend time with family, take classes, volunteer, get groceries, start a side project. What would you do with an extra day off?

perks & benefits

With our value to put people first, we take benefits really seriously. Check out all the perks and benefits we offer to each team member.

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4-day workweek >

4-Day Work Week

Use our weekday off to learn a new skill, spend quality time with family, or even make some donuts. The opportunity is endless.

Fully Remote Work

We work hard to keep our remote work culture alive. From Show & Tell, 1 on 1 to team events, you won’t feel lonely on your kitchen table.

Paid Time Off

In addition to 52 days off in the year for our 4-day work week, we offer 2 weeks additional for vacation, plus sick time.

Wellness Stipend

You’ll get $50 a month to spend on health and wellness. A new bike, a new meditation app, virtual HITT class? Totally up to you.

Insurance Coverage

We offer 100% premium coverage for employees and dependents, plus dental & vision plans for employees.

401K Plan

When you retire, don’t forget about us. We also offer access to financial planning services and more.

Paid Family Leave

We offer flexibility and resources to support growing families. You’ll get a 12-week paid leave so you can bond with your newest addition.

Continued Education

We’re here to support your professional goals. Want to attend a conference, or take an online course? We’ve got you covered.

We love food & pets

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Steak Photo
Pork Bun Photo
Cat with a cake
Hoji dog
Dog with a tie
Rabbit on skateboard

Why i love


“I'm very grateful to work with such talented team. I was heard and trusted from the very 1st day I started. Despite working remotely, we have great communications and I've never felt hesitated to reach out to anyone.”

Lina Nguyen Photo
—Lina Nguyen, Frontend Engineer

“I love how much ownership we have. We hire people we can trust and give them the space and resources to do big things. People are #1—that value is reflected in our awesome team, driven to make an impact together.”

Fallon Roche Photo
—Fallon Roche, Head of People

“I love working alongside the smartest, most caring, and amazingly chill individuals on the engineering team. I’m constantly learning from them, whether it’s about processes, high-level concepts, or even deciding on how to venture into the unknown.”

Picture of Daniel Nguyen
—Daniel Nguyen, Design Engineer

“As an AE, I’ve never had the flexibility, autonomy and ability to actually hit my goals. At Monograph the whole team pulls in the same direction and I feel driven to hit my sales numbers because of our mission.”

Sam Reiner Photo
—Sam Reiner, Account Executive

“Monograph is a breath of fresh air in the architecture industry. We’re building something so needed in this market, and at the same time we’re leading the way with our people-first culture and values. I love that.”

Joann Lui Photo
—Joann Lui, AIA, Marketing Manager

“The people at Monograph, particularly the product and engineering team have an incredible pride of ownership in the product. That leads to an incredible level of quality in everything they do. I love that because it has business, morale, education and many other benefits.”

Pete Indelicato Photo
—Pete Indelicato, Head of Product

“I feel like I've found my place working at Monograph! The team's drive, culture, and support are felt throughout every day. The company enables you (without limits) to learn + grow while disrupting an entire industry!”

Sierra Clugston Photo
—Sierra Clugston, Account Executive
“I love working at Monograph because perks aside (4 day work week, amazing benefits for a startup) everyone is unified in their mission to make work better for design professionals which I think will make the world a better place.”
Helen Lummis Photo
—Helen Lummis, Senior Customer Success Manager

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Monograph founders

about monograph

Monograph was founded in 2018 by Robert Yuen, Alex Dixon, and Moe Amaya. We modernize architects’ back office with a visually-appealing and data-driven platform to help them manage, plan and grow their firms.

Monograph has simplified workflows across the entire design process for hundreds of firms. So architects can get back to doing what they love—design—not finance, management or spreadsheets.