On average, Monograph customers achieve:


Time saved on admin tasks


Faster billing process


Less budget overage
*Results shown are based on averages from customer-reported improvements
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Local & national award-winning A/E firms choose Monograph.

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“Now I get to spend more time with quality control because I'm not spending days trying to figure out staffing, projections, and schedules.”
Dave Buescher
Chief Operations Officer, HDG Architecture

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“Monograph is indispensable. It’s like an iPhone. Just easy to use. We can take a step back and think about the things we ultimately need to be concerned with.”

Tom Jacobs
Co-Managing Partner, KSP

“We use Monograph to make important decisions on how to manage our projects and our staff, which is making us more efficient, more profitable and in turn hire more people.”

Pierre Proulx
Team Lead, Rossman Architecture Inc.
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“Monograph has the secret sauce to fix a huge problem—people not being able to understand and manage their data, whether it's dollars, time units, or staff—you name it.”

Thomas J. Zoli, AIA
Principal Architect, Workshop/APD

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