Celebrating The 2024 Monograph Project Management Award Winners

Celebrating The 2024 Monograph Project Management Award Winners

Project management in architecture is the process of effectively managing resources to deliver incredible projects. Today, we're excited to shine a spotlight on the best in the business with Monograph’s 2024 Best of Project Management Awards.

Celebrating Architecture Project Management Excellence

These awards are our salute to the firms that go above and beyond in project management. They highlight the exceptional, the innovative, and those setting new benchmarks for success in project management and business operations.

This year, 364 firms have earned their place among the elite, making up less than 30% of all firms using Monograph. From the coziest boutique studios to the mid-size firms, our winners have demonstrated unparalleled skill and dedication in effectively and efficiently bringing their projects to life.

The Selection Process

In order to be considered for an award, firms must be making active use of Monograph for more than 12 months as of March 2024 so that their project management metrics could be fairly evaluated. Firms were evaluated based on their performance relative to the five critical business metrics covered in the 2024 Architecture Business Benchmarks Report:

  • Net Revenue per Full-Time Equivalent
  • Net Cost per Full-Time Equivalent
  • Utilization Rate
  • Realization Rate
  • Time to Payment

In essence, the better a firm performed on each metric, the more points they received. All points were then totalled and firms were divided based on their standing. 

Click here to read more about the criteria and selection process. 

Eligible firms received one of three awards based on their standing:

  • Certified: Firms that have successfully used Monograph for at least 12 months to improve their project management and performance. 
  • High-performer: Firms with a total performance score between the 50-75th percentile, indicating above average performance across project management and business operations. 
  • Champion: Firms with a total performance score in the top 25%, indicating the highest performance across project management and business operations.

What Does It Mean To Win?

For the winning firms, this award is more than recognition—it's a catalyst for growth, talent attraction, and team motivation. It signals to the industry and clients alike that these firms are at the forefront of effective project management and operations, indicating healthy and sustainable businesses that are equipped to deliver the best architecture. 

How Can You Spot The Winners? 

Look for the Best of Project Management Award badge on their website, in their email signature, and across their social media channels! 

Join the Celebration

Congratulations to all our winners for setting the gold standard in project management. We’re inspired by your achievements and encourage every firm to leverage Monograph to its fullest potential. Here's to seeing new faces among next year’s winners!

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