Branding Architecture's New Back-Office

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Branding Architecture's New Back-Office

The Brief: Customer context

Architecture is an ancient, dusty industry with clunky software tools to match. While architects are busy meticulously designing our homes and cities, Monograph brings a fresh approach to helping them manage all the tedious but important back-office functions: project management, time tracking, and invoicing.

Brand traits

Fresh - vibrant, contrarian, bold

Technical - detail-oriented, measured, precise

Textural - layered, dynamic, multi-faceted


Every single day architects solve impossibly difficult problems, working in complex 3D software while coordinating projects in email or 90s Windows boxed software. Set against a backdrop of bold black and white neutrals, our simple, bright color palette adds a modern expressiveness to helping architects solve business problems.


The way a corner meets the edge, how a detail is drawn, and the way a project is presented all reveal the technical proclivities of the customers we're serving. Our brand evokes the technicality by calling out details, revealing dimensions, and being nuanced in our execution.


By celebrating the generalist, Monograph promotes the idea of a layered personality. How this plays out in our new brand is that we add elements with hatched texture within defined shapes but on top of grids. The layering itself shows the natural complexities of architectural work.


Eliciting the roots of drafted architectural drawings, our new primary typeface Pilat from General Type adds a formal quality to titles and callouts. With a deeply crafted type, Söhne from Klim serves as both our main body typeface and our more selective mono type.

That new new

We're still fitting out our new brand, but overall we're excited to be pushing the edges of what a productivity software in the AEC industry looks like. Having worked at hypergrowth companies in Silicon Valley, we truly believe we can make magical software for architects and are excited for the hope that our new brand gives to architects stuck in old tools and spreadsheets.

A big thank you to Micah who helped drive the new brand exploration and Kasia who developed our blog illustration style which was foundational to the new brand design.

Written By

Moe Amaya, Co-founder and Creative Director

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