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New Year, New Look

New Year, New Look

🙏 Refreshed for a New Year

Today, in the spirit of a new year and inspired by Marie Kondo, we said "thank you" to the previous design of Monograph's interface and let it go with gratitude.

While it served our customers gracefully since the inception of our product, we felt that it was important to meet the needs of this year with a cleaner layout and an expandable navigation system that makes it easier to focus on the information our customers need to accomplish their goals.

Simply put, we all needed a refresh.

We're excited to introduce Monograph's new navigation system.

Room to Grow

Not only does this new layout provide a better designed experience for customers, but it also enables us to provide more value over time as we develop new tools and workflows.

Designed with our customers in mind, the new layout introduces an expandable menu, icons for quick visual reference, and detailed hover animations in case you forget what an icon was in reference to.

We find this type of progressive design allows users to see as much or as little of the navigation as they see fit. New customers might find it helpful to always have the navigation bar extended as they become familiar with all the valuable tools available to them.

As users become much more experienced with Monograph, we anticipate they will prefer to hide the navigation bar to make room to view schedules, budgets, timesheets and invoices.

Learn from Anywhere

We're firm believers that the tools you use should support you in how you train current and new employees and team members.

You should be able to learn from anywhere in the product. In addition to the tooltips we recently introduced throughout Monograph, we've released a new education panel that allows our customers and their teams to view documentation and reference videos to learn more about Monograph's tools as they need it.

We are out to improve the day to day operations of firm owners, office managers, and operations team members by helping them help their team. Expect more to come here this year!

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